Any JACK/DANIEL requests?

Just write episode and scene and I will gif it…later :D
Or hey, write part of lyrics of any song you think fits JD relationship and I will try to make gifs with that lyrics :D stupid i kno…
I really want to know how people do all those pretty AU gifs with movies, I wanna do things like that with our babies but ARGH! im not so creative :D but whatever, write AUs for them too, and maybe I will do it, idk, it would be nice if you write movies or shows with them where I can get scenes for those AUs, but it’s ok if you don’t ;) it’s hard to make gifs for AUs, so i will try to make graphics ;) so GO AND WRITE SOMETHINGBETTER IF IT’S IN MY ASK BOX! so if I decide to make some requests later I can find them easily :3
PLEASE GIMME AUs! a lot of AUs!!!!! you can add lyrics for AUs :D whateva, come on guys, I want this blog live long and update often and I need your help here! \(^o^)/

…you smile again, but not for me


Daniel, aren’t you supposed to be a linguist? You’re not helping.

Daniel: I'm Daniel Jackson, and this is Colonel Jack O'Neill.
Yes, it means he’s our head trader.
Head trader?
I like that! And you can call me Colonel Burrock.

-Who are you?
-We’re travellers, peaceful travellers.
-Where do you come from? I’ve not seen your kind before.